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Hi! The first and most important questions I ask my clients are, "What are you looking to gain from the proposed opportunity?’ “Are you in a conducive location for the new product you want to sell?” “Can you afford to do this?” And lastly, “Will what you decide to pursue, ultimately be profitable?”
Over the years, I helped many people save and generate income from my expert advice. It’s only when I am not consulted, is when my clients encounter financial pitfalls that could have been avoided if I was retained earlier. With the many offers professionals like yourself receive on daily basis, one of the biggest attributes and services I bring is helping to “cut out the noise” that often comes from B2B and telemarketing solicitors who target high-end professionals such as yourself.
This further indicates why it is necessary to have a consultant that has your best interest in mind on a monthly retainer fee. Having a consultant such as myself on retainer allows me to be there for you to ask the necessary questions and help you avoid costly financial mistakes. You're getting a strategic planner on both a professional and personal level.
Get in touch with me by calling (800) 306 - 5086 whether you are currently in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area or any other location within the US.

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