Wealth Coaching

Wealth Coaching

Wealth Coaching

My attention to detail allows me to stay focused and provide keen insight into your business practices with one-on-one coaching. My approach is to custom fit the engagement to the individual. We all have unique skills and experiences, and my goal is to complement those. Having the right help can make all the difference. I have expertise in the following areas and my network consists of the following:


• Financial Planning an emphasis on retirement income planning

• Business Structuring & Incorporating 

• Marketing & Advertising

• Research & Development

• Public Speaking 

• Private Placements

• Real Estate Financing & Acquisitions 

• Private Money

• Non-Profit Organizations 

• How to get started in the Media

• Website Building 

• Working with Graphic Designers 

• Radio & Voice Overs

• Business Plans

• Mortgage Brokers

• Commercial & Residential Realtors

• CPAs, EAs & Tax Accountants

• Celebrity Branding Experts

• Investment Banking Firm 

• Government & Veterans

• Pharmaceutical Solutions

• Healthcare Planning with affordable solutions 

• Establishing EINs for small businesses i.e., startups 

• Press and Online Media Opportunities

• Public Relations

• Trademark & Copyright

• Social Media Management 

• Virtual Assistants Sourcing 

• SEO Team for Google and Online Optimization

• B2B Sales 

• Branding and Advertising 

• Event Sponsoring and Fundraising

• Sponsorship Proposals

• Tax reduction Strategies

• Key Person Planning 

• Estate Planning

• Buy Sell Planning

• How to Network for Business

• Email marketing & sales funnels

• Social media strategy

• Bookkeeping 

• Payroll & HR

• Private Label Opportunities 

Areas Covered


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